2 How to Translate Journals Easily and Accurately

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International journals are often used as references to produce quality scientific works or journals. Especially if it is an international journal that has been indexed by Scopus. Unfortunately, some people are still confused about how to translate journals into foreign languages, how to translate PPT, to how to translate abstracts.

Even though there are various easy and fast ways to translate international journals or other documents into English. Here are some ways to translate journals from English to Indonesian and others.

Google Docs

How to translate PDF from English to Indonesian? This question comes up frequently. The answer is, you can use Google Docs.

When using Google Docs, journals or documents will display the results according to the original writing. Unlike Google Translate, which is ambiguous or does not match the original document. The method is easy, here’s more:

  • Open the file to be translated
  • Click Tools, select translate document
  • After that, translate the document that appears, select the language you want
  • Wait a few seconds, the translated document will appear in a new tab.

Using Ms Word

Did you know that Ms. Word can actually translate journals or documents? Ms. Word is indeed often needed by everyone, but not many know that Ms. Word can also translate languages ​​into documents.

You can translate journals or documents using Ms. Word without using other additional tools. You only need to take advantage of the features in Ms. Word. Here’s how to translate journals using Ms. Word:

  • Open the document or journal in Ms. Word
  • Select the text you want to translate in a block way. You can click select to select specific text or block all text to easily translate entire documents.
  • Then, select reviews. After determining the text you want to translate, you select review on the navigation bar Ms. Words.
  • Select translate. There are various languages ​​that you can choose as you wish, including English.
  • If so, the translated text results will appear, precisely on the right side of the PC screen.

Those are the two ways of translating journals that you can try. In addition, you can also use an online doc translator or translation service to translate articles and journals, such as the Ridwan Institute. That way, you can translate national and international journals easily and quickly.

Source: Google dan Freepik

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