Understanding BOOKS & Types of BOOKS, LET’S Listen!

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Understanding books and their types

What is a BOOK?

Understanding books and their types – A book is a collection of paper or other materials that are combined into one at a time, including text, images, or attachments. Each side of the paper in the book is called a page.

Types of books

Here are some examples of books for Understanding books and their types:

  • novel
  • magazine
  • dictionary
  • comic
  • manga
  • encyclopedia
  • biography
  • manuscript
  • Ligth novel (light novel)

1. Understanding books Novel

are literary works in the form of prose. The story in the novel is a work of imagination, discussing the life of a person or various characters.

Understanding books and their types

The story in the novel begins with the problem faced by the character and ends with problem-solving. Novel stories are more complicated than short stories. characters and locations told in the novel are very diverse and long-discussed in storytelling. The traits in the novel accentuate the personality and characteristics of each actor in the story. The novel consists of chapters and sub-chapters according to the story. Novelists are called novelists.

2. Magazines

(English: magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials) are publications printed on paper using ink and published periodically, such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Understanding books and their types

The magazine contains articles on a variety of topics aimed at the general public and written in a language that is easy for many to understand. Typically, magazine funding comes from advertising, sale prices, prepaid subscription fees, or all three.

3. Dictionary

is a reference book to explain the meaning of the word. Dictionaries help others recognize new words. In addition to explaining the meaning of a word, dictionaries can also have specific guidelines, word sources (etymology), and examples of word usage. To clarify, there are sometimes illustrations in the dictionary. Usually, this is found in the French dictionary.

Understanding books and their types

4. Comics

are a medium for expressing ideas through images, usually combined with text or other visual information.

Understanding books and their types

Comics are usually a series of juxtaposed panels. Text devices such as speech balloons, subtitles, and onomatopoeia usually represent dialogue, narration, sound effects, or other information. The size and arrangement of the group contribute to the rhythm of the narrative. Cartoons and similar illustration shapes are the most common methods of drawing in comics. Fumetti is a form of photographic image usage. Common forms of comics include comics, editorials, and jokes, as well as comic books. Since the late 20th century, binding volumes such as graphic novels, manga albums, and tankōbons have become increasingly common, and webcomics have grown rapidly in the 21st century.

5. Understanding books Manga

(Japanese: 漫漫 Manga have a long and complicated early history in early Japanese art.

Understanding books and their types

6. Encyclopedias

are reference or abstract works that provide a summary of information in all branches of science or specific fields.

Understanding books and their types

Encyclopedias are divided into articles or entries, usually arranged alphabetically, sometimes by subject category. Encyclopedia articles are even longer and more detailed than the most extensive dictionaries. In general, unlike dictionary entries that focus on linguistic information (such as meaning, pronunciation, usage, and grammatical forms) of words, encyclopedia articles focus on factual information about the subject mentioned in the article title.

7. Biography

is a literary work that contains biographies of famous people. Biography is not only more complicated than a list of a person’s date of birth or death and work data, but also tells the feelings involved in experiencing the event.

Understanding books and their types

In this biography described the role of life from childhood to old age even death. It also describes all the services, jobs, and everything that the role generates or performs. Biographical text is written by someone other than yourself.

8. Manuscripts

(from Arabic: نص, nas, text; نسخ, nasikha, photocopy; or نسخة, nuskhat, photocopy) are all kinds of handmade documents that are directly made by hand, whether written or typed, in contrast to those printed by machine or can be copied automatically or indirectly by hand.

Understanding books and their types

Well, the term manuscript is also interpreted as a written work in the form of handwriting, typed or written, produced by the author himself through a word processing application (English: word processor), which is different from a paper in printed form. Before getting to know printing technology, all documents and books were manuscripts. The content of the manuscript is uncertain, the manuscript can combine text with mathematical calculations, maps, diagrams or explanatory illustrations. Manuscripts can be books, scrolls or manuscripts. Illuminated manuscripts are rich in images, page frames, initials with intricate relief effects or full-page illustrations.

9. Light novel (ライトノルル raito noberu)

is a type of novel, usually accompanied by anime or manga illustrations, usually intended for middle school-age teenagers.

Understanding books and their types

Light novels fall into the wasei-eigo category, a Japanese term borrowed from English vocabulary, but not part of the English idiom. In Japan, this type of novel is commonly called ranobe (ラゼ) or LN in the West. The length of such novels is usually between 40,000 and 50,000 words (the length of the LN is approximately equal to the length of the novel), rarely exceeds 200 pages, and is often published at scheduled conferences, usually in bunkobon form, and Illustrations are often attached. LN stories are usually first serialized in magazines and then published in book form.

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