Scientific Journal, Process, and Tips for Easy Publication

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scientific Journal

In this article, there are a few tips that make it easier for you to publish scientific journals. Often in the lecture process, many campuses apply journal publications to their students. lately undergraduate students have the obligation to publish journals. There are different campus regulations that require enough proof of submission, enough proof of Accepted, or until published.

indeed the publication of scientific journals is now a priority because considering that the results of the written work will receive recognition when it has been published rather than just making thesis research for example.

The following is an explanation of scientific journals, the process and how to publish them:

Definition of Scientific Journal

quoting from wikipedia is a large-scale publication in academic publications which is generally in the form of the latest research reports with the aim of advancing science.

2 Scientific Journal Version

There are 2 Scientific Journal Vernis:

Printed Version
Electronic/Online Version

and also has 2 types of ISSN namely:

P-ISSN: for the printed version, the purpose of the P-ISSN itself is so that publishers or writers as well as general readers can print it.

E-ISSN: for Electronic/Online the purpose of the E-ISSN itself is so that publishers or authors as well as general readers can access online pages via the journal’s website.

An example of a journal’s Online Journal System (OJS) website display as shown below:

Scientific Journal
Scientific Journal
Scientific Journal
Scientific Journal
Scientific Journal
Scientific Journal

Various Scientific Journals

  1. International
    a. International of Low Reputation
    b. Intermediate Reputable International
    c. International of High Reputation
    d. International ISSN
    e. International Accredited
  2. National
    a. National ISSN
    b. National Accredited

Process and Publication of Scientific Journals

The Scientific Journal Process is a series of plots which start from making a journal, it can also convert from a thesis/thesis/dissertation/PTK. For those who want to know how to make a good and correct journal, please click here.

First, prepare the research articles in the final form bentuk

Second, look for the journal to be addressed in journal publications such as syntax idea journals or other journals.

Third, download the journal template, usually on the right side of the OJS display on the PC/Laptop web browser

Fourth, adjust the thesis / thesis / dissertation / PTK with the journal writing template.

Fifth, Create a registration account on the register menu on the OJS page

sixth, Submit / send by selecting the submission menu on the OJS account

Seventh, follow the submission flow to the finish

friends need to know, yes, if the journal is submitted in 1 month, there is no email information. then you can contact the contact on the OJS website page that you submitted, so you can find out whether the journal is rejected, is being reviewed by the chief editor or what.

Rejected, you can decline journals that have been submitted and then resubmit in the same way in other journals.

being reviewed by the chief editor, you can contact the email or telephone contact listed on the OJS website page.

If it is accepted, make sure you standby email notifications or better contact via wa the journal manager to know the update info.

after Accepted the next process until it is published:

a. Articles submitted will be reviewed by the chief editor

b. after Accepted will be reviewed by a peer reviewer (one field of science)

c. make sure you know the update info is complete not on the reviewer.

d. the results of the reviewers usually provide input/recommendations so that your writing is even better.

e. if there are suggestions / recommendations you can revise. then resend on your log in menu or contact via email addressed to the journal manager.

f. then wait for the time to publish, usually, there is information in the author guidelines for the author about one of them being the date of publication.

Thus this article in terms of publication of scientific journals may be useful for friends who are struggling for publication as a condition for graduation.

Thank you..

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