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One of the careers in the field of education is with a functional position career. on the requirements of functional positions one of which is a scientific journal, there is some information about the kinds of scientific journals that you should know to support your career in the field of education.

There are several journals including:

Understanding Scientific Journals

Scientific journals are periodical publications in academic publications that are generally in the form of the latest research reports with the aim of advancing science.

Scientific journals are one form of publication of scientific papers (KTI).

Scientific journals in the form of a collection of articles of scientific works with a peer-review process to get the highest objectivity possible (wikipedia)

National Scientific Journal

National scientific journals are scientific magazines that meet the following criteria.a. write the work with scientific by meeting the requirements of scientific rules and scientific codes of ethics.

b. Has an ISSN.

c. Have an Online Journal System or Online Release.

d. Has the purpose to communicate the results of the publication and provide convenience for readers in finding references to specific disciplines.

E. For the scientific community or researchers.

F. Management by Publishers / Scientific Bodies / Professional Organizations / Scientific Organizations / Universities with their units.

g. Use National Language (Indonesia) and or English with abstract in Bahasa Indonesia.

H. Contains scientific works that have different authors between at least 2 affiliates.

i. Have an editor / editorial board consisting of at least 2 different institutions, experts in their fields.

Accredited National Scientific Journal

National journals that are recognized as Accredited National Journals, namely Indexed National Journals in Science and Technology Index (Sinta) or Accreditation of National Journals (Arjuna) that have met the standards of governance of accredited national journals (Sinta 1 – sinta 6) (Juknis).

information about scientific journals for those who want to know the process of journaling please read the previous article.


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