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what it is property intellectual rights ?

what it is property intellectual rights ? – Intellectual Property Rights (IP) is as a legal protection of the state to individuals and / or groups of people or groups whose ideas and concepts are turned into copyrighted works (tangible). If a finding (innovation) is registered in accordance with existing requirements, then the copyrighted work intangible is the right of the individual and / or group that needs protection to protect the law.


1. Copyright

Copyright is an exclusive right for the author or recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his work or grant him a license, without prejudice to the limitations in accordance with applicable law.

2. Industrial property rights

  • Patent

Patents are a special right as an appreciation to inventors by the state for their inventions in the field of technology, and they can create their own or approve others to create within a certain period of time (Patent Law Article 1).

Unlike protecting copyright on a work, PATENT protects an idea, not an expression of the idea. In the case of copyright, as long as it is not based on the work of another person who owns the copyright, another person has the right to create another work with the same function. In Patents, a person is not entitled to work on a work that works the same way as a patented concept of an idea.

  • Brand rights (trademark)

Brand is a sign in the form of images, names, words, letters, numbers, and color combinations of these elements that have unique strengths and are used in trade activities or services.

Kinds – kinds of brands

  1. Trademark marks used on business goods by a person or persons collectively or a legal entity to distinguish from other similar goods.
  2. Service marks used in the services of one or more persons collectively or legal entities conduct transactions to distinguish them from other similar services.
  3. Collective Marks are trademarks with the same characteristics that are useful on goods and/or services, in the case of business/sale by one person or multiple persons together or by a legal entity to distinguish them from similar goods and/or services.

Trade secrets

Are information that people should not know in the field of technology or business, which has economic value because it is useful in business activities and is confidential by the owner.

Trade secret elements

  • The existence of confidential business and technology information
  • Has economic value
  • Efforts to keep the carahasiaan
  • Industrial design

Industrial Design Rights are the exclusive right of the State of the Republic of Indonesia to the Designer within a certain period of time to realize its own creation or allow others to exercise such rights.

what it is FUNCTIONS AND BENEFITS of property Intellectual Rights ?

  • As proof of ownership of intilektual property rights
  • Prevention of plagiarized goods, products or works that we have by others without our permission

How to manage Patents, Copyrights, Brands and Industry Design ?

  1. Fill out the registration formula
  • Name, nationality and address of the creator.
  • Name, nationality and address of the copyright holder.
  • Submit your Name and full address of the application power of attorney
  • Title ciptan
  • Date and place tell for the first time.
  • A brief description of the creation.

2. Attach an example of creation & description of the creation according to the request

3. Melampirkan dokumen

4. Pay the application fee


  • Payment process ± 3 months
  • HAKI can officially only exit after ± 9 months since registration

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Source : google.co.id

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