List of Indonesian Journals Indexed Scopus

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Indonesian Journal of Indexed Scopus

Scopus Journal – For those of you who want to become a professor, it is certain that through a strict selection stage, both academically and administratively. one of them to achieve the professor must have an international journal scopus, following the understanding, characteristics, and list of Indonesian journals indexed Scopus.

Academics are familiar with Scopus journals, especially academics and researchers. because there are some things very strong activities related to the publication of Scopus journals that are obliged to conduct research and publication of Scopus journals.

Before continuing the discussion in depth, we need to know in advance, what is a scopus journal, what are the characteristics of scopus journals and how the requirements to be said are scopus journals.

Indonesian Journals Indexed Scopus

What is Scopus Journal?

Scopus Journal is one of the data centers or databases of citations and literacy is scientific, Scopus is also part of the world-famous publishing company Elsivier. in fact scopus is part of elsevier, namely scopus becomes a database view of international journals as an indexation engine and display in maintaining quality updates of an international standard journal.

Scopus contains approximately 22,000 titles from 5,000 publishers, 20,000 of which are peer-reviewed journals in science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences.

Scopus journal level

Scopus has levels such as Sinta dikti, ranging from Quartiles 1 to Quartiles 4 or stands for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.

Scopus Quartiles Journal 1 (Q1)

CA – A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
a. Nama Jurnal = CA – A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
b. Subject Area = medicine
c. kategori = hematology dan oncology
d. Publisher = Willey-blackwell Publisher
e. ISSN = 15424863, 00079235
f. Coverage = 1950-2020
g. Scope = CA provides cancer care professionals with up-to-date information on all aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The journal focuses on keeping physicians and healthcare professionals informed by providing scientific and educational information in the form of comprehensive review articles and online continuing education activities on important cancer topics and issues that are important to cancer care, along with publishing the latest cancer guidelines and statistical articles from the American Cancer Society.

Scopus Quartiles Journal 2 (Q2)

a. Nama Jurnal = Journal on Mathematics Education
b. Subject Area = Mathematics
c. kategori = Social Science Education
d. Publisher = Sriwijaya University
e. ISSN = 24070610, 20878885
f. Coverage = 2010-2020
g. Scope = The Journal invites original research articles and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The whole spectrum of research in mathematics education are welcome, which includes, but is not limited to the following topics: Realistic Mathematics Education (RME); Design/Development Research in Mathematics Education; PISA Task; Mathematics Ability; ICT in Mathematics Education; Ethnomathematics

Scopus Quartiles Journal 3 (Q3)

a. Nama Jurnal = Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications
b. Subject Area = Mathematics
c. kategori = Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Applied Mathematics
d. Publisher = Indonesian Combinatorics Society
e. ISSN = 23382287
f. Coverage = 2016-2019
g. Scope = We publish research articles written in English in all areas of modern graph theory together with applications to other fields of mathematics, computer science and other sciences.

Scopus Quartiles Journal 4 (Q4)

a. Nama Jurnal = Agrivita
b. Subject Area = Agricultural and Biological Sciences and Agronomy and Crop Science
c. Category = Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Applied Mathematics
d. Publisher = University Of Brawijaya
e. ISSN = 01260537
f. Coverage = 2013-2020
g. Scope = The aims of the journal are to publish and disseminate high-quality, original research papers and article reviews in plant science i.e.: -agronomy -horticulture -plant breeding -soil sciences -plant protection -other pertinent field related to plant production.

here are the journals indonesian of indexed scopus that can be your reference!

No.TitleType SJRH index
1Indonesian Journal of Science and Technologyjournal0.569 Q19
2Journal on Mathematics Educationjournal0.532 Q214
3Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Indonesiajournal0.450 Q212
4Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applicationsjournal0.445 Q33
5International Journal of Technologyjournal0.401 Q112
6Tropical Animal Science Journaljournal0.386 Q211
7Acta medica Indonesianajournal0.354 Q322
8Forest and Societyjournal0.348 Q25
9International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineeringjournal0.322 Q219
10  International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systemsjournal0.300 Q217
11HAYATI Journal of Biosciencesjournal0.293 Q214
12International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technologyjournal0.274 Q217
13Biodiversitasjournal0.267 Q311
14Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysisjournal0.256 Q314
15International Journal of Renewable Energy Developmentjournal0.256 Q311
16Indonesian Journal of Chemistryjournal0.242 Q312
17Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguisticsjournal0.241 Q27
18Indonesian Journal on Geosciencejournal0.238 Q35
19Indonesian Journal of Geographyjournal0.237 Q35
20Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informaticsjournal0.231 Q38
21  Journal of the Indonesian Tropical Animal Agriculturejournal0.227 Q39
22  Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciencesjournal0.226 Q212
23Journal of Regional and City Planningjournal0.217 Q33
24Telkomnikajournal0.214 Q318
25Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciencejournal0.209 Q314
26Open AccessOpen AccessOpen AccessOpen AccessCakrawala Pendidikanjournal0.205 Q33
27Journal of Indonesian Islamjournal0.201 Q15
28Qudus International Journal of Islamic Studiesjournal0.199 Q12
29Agrivitajournal0.198 Q47
30Biotropiajournal0.197 Q37
31Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informaticsjournal0.189 Q36
32  Operations and Supply Chain Managementjournal0.189 Q33
33International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informaticsjournal0.185 Q216
34  Journal of ICT Research and Applicationsjournal0.181 Q39
35Gadjah Mada International Journal of Businessjournal0.176 Q37
36Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societiesjournal0.174 Q13
37International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informaticsjournal0.172 Q47
38  Studia Islamikajournal0.171 Q18
39Medical Journal of Indonesiajournal0.170 Q48
40Kesmasjournal0.168 Q43
41Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciencesjournal0.166 Q310
42Atom Indonesiajournal0.158 Q43
43Al-Jami’ahjournal0.150 Q24
44ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineeringjournal0.143 Q44
45Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropikajournal0.142 Q44
46  Indonesian Biomedical Journaljournal0.141 Q43
47Indonesian Journal of Pharmacyjournal0.137 Q35
48IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligencejournal0.119 Q43
49Critical Care and Shockjournal0.114 Q49
50Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative Lawjournal0.112 Q31

Source : Ridwan Institute and Google

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