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Investment Books

Success is a desire that everyone craves, but success cannot be obtained instantly, but it must go through many processes in achieving it. Except in this increasingly advanced age, many things can make you successful without having to work too hard, one of which is to invest by reading investment book.

There is no denying that investment is being pursued by many people. Therefore, if you are a beginner who wants to invest but does not know how to get started, the book becomes your best means of answering the question. Reading a book about investing will be very useful and able to answer how to start investing and be able to inspire you in starting an investment. In this article will discuss about what books that can be your recommendation to start investing.

Think and Grow Rich

The first investment book recommendation was Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. It was the best book of 1937, so it has sold nearly 100 million worldwide. In this book, Napoleon Hill has done research on valuable insights related to one’s psychological readiness to experience success and failure.

Especially in times of great depression such as that time, Hill stated that one’s desire, special knowledge, trust, planning, and tenacity will be tested. This classic book contains recipes for success from ground zero, a mix of experiences from more than 500 successful people in America.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” (1997)

The second investment book recommendation is Rich Dad Poor Dad”, By Robert T. Kiyosaki. It is necessary , if the poor and middle class tend to work for money with a livelihood from time to time. However, the rich work to learn. Robert T. Kiyosaki encourages investors to create periodic cash flows and provide reverse equity value to make analysis on an investment product.

Stock Investments a la Fundamentalists of the World

The third investment book recommendation is “World Fundamentalist-style Stocks”, a book by Ryan Filbert &William Prasetya. In this book Ryan Filbert &William Prasetya explains how the steps in reading the company’s financial statements and processing the figures listed on the company’s financial statements and able to process the figures that are already in the report. It becomes an information on how the company is condition based on its consistency. The report focuses on balance sheet statements, loss statements and cash flow statements.

Stocks for the long run

The fourth investment book recommendation is “Stocks for the long run”. This book is the best book if you are going to invest in a valuable visit into the history of the market. Good reading for those who want to invest in stocks in a long period of time.

In this book readers appreciate deeply about the historical returns on stocks and bonds. Author Jeremy Siege makes a convincing case, that for long-term growth stocks are the best asset class to have.

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