How to Review the Correct Journal

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How to Review Journals

To review a journal, you must first know how to review the correct journal. This is done to provide a review of the journal. But in making a review, pay attention to the format of the review that you make.

What kind of review is it? In general, a review is a summary of information, be it from journals, news, or books. Then how to review the journal? And what kind of good journal? For a more complete discussion, see the following explanation.

How to Review a Journal Correctly

In reviewing journals, what are the points that must be considered in conducting a journal review? Some of them are choosing journals that are relevant, have few pages, and have a lot of positive values. Then do the correct way of reviewing as follows:

1. Create a Writing Structure

To structure the writing, pay attention to important discussions such as titles, journal data, journal reviewers, date of making a journal review, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, and finally a bibliography.

2. Reviewing the Number of Pages

After you have finished creating the structure of the article, the next step is to review the number of journal pages. To make a paper review, you must explain the number of pages of a journal correctly and may not add or subtract.

3. Read Important Things in Journals

Determine the important things in the journal and describe them in a brief review, according to the information in the journal. In addition, write down important journal points so you don’t forget them when writing them in a review. By making this small note, it will automatically make it easier for you to review the journal.

4. Create an Opening Speech

The next step is to make an opening greeting containing gratitude and thanks to several parties.

5. Create a Table of Contents

Create a table of contents to make it easier for readers to find the review page they need.

6. Define Title

Make the title according to the content or main idea in the article.

7. Write Journal Description Keterangan

Write a description of the journal, for example, such as the name of the author, publisher, email address, and the year the journal was published.

After doing the above methods, the next step is to introduce the contents of the journal, the methods used, the sources of the journal, write the journal research, draw conclusions, and conclude. After the review is complete, you can publish the results of the review online so that more people can read it. How to review journals must be done according to the right steps, so that the results are neater and easier to read. Then if you want to publish a scientific journal, then you can entrust it to the Ridwan Institute.

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