How to Publish International Journals

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How to Publish International Journals

How to Publish International Journals – International Journals are journals of results and publish on journals that qualify international journals and can correspond to their authenticity.

in other words, international journals are differentiating from other journals because they have a more global level than national journals.

the level can be seen from the process that is not instant starting from researching new things, writing and interpreting using English and the process of submitting articles through a strict online journal system reviewer by the board of reviewers by the manager of the journal.

when looking from experts there are several reference opinions, as follows:

Samir Raouf

In 2012, Samir Raouf, Iraq’s Minister of Science and Technology, said that a journal said “internationally” it was related to writers, readers, board members, languages and had ISSN numbers and whether included in scientific abstract services.

He argues that limiting the definition of journals belongs to the international scientific abstract service and has an ISSN number as a minimum requirement to qualify as an international journal.

Dr. Fahimuddin Shaik

Expressed his opinion criteria in interpreting the journal as an international journal that refers to the comments, reviews, and content of the article. Dr. Fahimuddin Shaik is from Annamacharya Institute of Technology &Sciences, Rajampet.

Editorial boards/associates or assistant editors 25% live outside the publishing state, or more than a third (33%) of the number of published papers from outside the country of publication or greater than half (50%) the total number of subscriptions comes from institutions or individuals outside the issuing country.

The significance of research work in terms of broader acceptance and quotation.

Journals are indexed in well-known services such as Web Of Science, SCOPUS, PubMed Central, DBLP, and Crossref.

Well-known publishers such as ACM, SPRINGER, IEEE, TAYLOR AND FRANCIS, ELSEVIER, etc.

Here are the steps of International Journal Publications

Have a journal article script that will be published (in the form of draft)

The first stage is an article based on the results of one’s research, has a reference book that is internationally renowned and well-known, also has a primary source reference. of course who speaks English or the language of UN recognition in the results of the study.

Professionally translate the language of his knowledge

All international journals must use the appropriate language of the United Nations Decree, one of which is English or other languages, this translation not only translates the language of the destination but the translation that adapts to the scientific context, purpose and intent of the article itself.

Have a journal relevant to the scientific family

Indexed journal references are certainly very important in selecting relevant articles, site recommendations for searching international journals among others Scopus, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier, Proquest.

Good value depends on how high impact factor journal itself

View appropriate Journals

The format of the article is in accordance with the applicable format of an international journal publisher, which should know as follows; tables, images, graphs, and more, to increase your chances of your journal being published.

How to Submit and Publish International Journals International

at this stage, there are several journal managers who have different submit systems, one of them Ridwan institute which has international journal publishing (, publish international journal articles with a scale of 2 months issued with a group of social chemists.

If the Article is Accepted by the publisher, it can be published to the publisher, if it has completed the administration.

If the article is Rejected, it can select another journal with a lower IF and follow the same procedure.

Wait for the Review Process

Once the article is Accepted by the publisher, then with reveiw step, by peer reveiwer, vulnerable reviewer process time ranging from the fastest 1 to a little longer 8 months.


Reviewers will provide feedback as recommended by peer reviewers. Almost 90% of beginner writer revisions are about language. then in the translation process please professionally by researchers or pu use translate services.


for the price itself is relatively dependent on the publisher who sets the price, usually the price is proportional to the quality of the process and the results of the journal itself. range from $30 to $5000.

Hopefully this article is useful for readers and can be a reference to the creation of international journals. for who will submit a national journal read also articles how to easily create a national journal

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