DOI Transfer Confirmation

Through this page CV. Ridwan Institute agrees to transfer the journal under the name:

Journal of Business, Social and Technology (Bustechno) (E-ISSN 2807-6362 and P-ISSN 2807-2928)

Equivalents: Scientific journals Social Engineering (e-ISSN 2775-0833 and p-ISSN 2775-0329)

INKUBIS: Economic Journal and Business (p-ISSN 2775-3913 | e-ISSN 2775-1848)

Journal of management, Economics, and Financial (p-ISSN xxxx-xxxx | e-ISSN 2986-6863)

Agricultural Journal
Indonesia (p-ISSN xxxx-xxxx | e-ISSN 2745-7060) Moving from CV. Ridwan institute DOI prefix to SCI Polytechnic

Thank You