Know the Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research to Compile a Final Project!

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Differences between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

There are two types of research that are usually used when compiling a final project or thesis, namely qualitative and quantitative research. Both types of research have their own characteristics, so they are easy to understand. So, what is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?

Differences Research

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research? In general, the difference between the two studies is based on the mindset that underlies a conceptual model and the perspective of research ethics. The research itself was carried out to obtain the truth of the data on natural phenomena, humanity, and society.

What is meant by qualitative? Qualitative is the value contained in an object and its assessment is based on the quality or quality that is in it. Qualitative research is a method based on natural inquiry or a phenomenological paradigm with the final result in the form of an explanation or description.

Meanwhile, quantitative research is a method that is carried out based on the positivism paradigm with the final result in the form of generalization.

Understanding Quantitative and Qualitative Approach

What are quantitative and qualitative approaches? Quantitative means the amount or amount of something and refers more to quantity. The quantitative approach is to collect or add up. One of the representations of quantitative methods is statistical methods in social research.

The reason is, in this method there is a quantification process, namely the process of giving numbers to the quality of a thing.

While the qualitative approach means referring to the quality, nature, and content. The qualities cannot be numbered, summed, or aggregated. Qualitative methodologies produce descriptive data, such as written or spoken words from a person. Qualitative approaches deal with subjects, such as organizations or institutes.

Examples Approaches

Then, can quantitative and qualitative research methods be used? Of course! You can use quantitative methods to study a population or sample. For example, the effect of drinking herbal medicine on health. You certainly need data on the number of people who are healthy because of herbal medicine.

Meanwhile, qualitative methods are used when researching and exploring an object. For example, you want to find a source of gold or other mines. Qualitative research is also used to pay attention to social phenomena that cannot be understood based on human speech.

Qualitative research pays attention to each person’s actions because they have a certain meaning. For example, crying, winking, laughing, and others.

However, there are similarities between quantitative and qualitative research methods. According to Brainly, both of them use certain methods, there is a comparison, and there is inference.

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