5 Types of Fiction and Nonfiction Books And Examples of Popular Books

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Type of Books

You want to make a book, but still confused what book do you want to make? Well to understand more about the type of book. Then you should check the following explanation.

Types of Comic Books

Book type

The first type of book is comic or comic. Comics are a type of artwork that uses images that are arranged as neatly as possible so that it becomes a story. So that comics can be interpreted like a story spoken with a picture on paper. In some countries comics have other designations, one of which is in Japan comics are called manga.

Comics are usually published in strips in newspapers, published in magazines, published in books up to ebooks or posted in a blog.

Here are some very popular types of comics

“The Islamic I saw” by istiqlal dawn
Islamic Comics ” Rame-Rame Enters Heaven Yuk”
“With Difficulty There is Ease” By Vbi_Djenggotten

Novel book types

Novels are the second type of book that is quite popular. Novels are usually made in the form of stories. A novelist called a novelist. The word novel itself comes from the Italian word “Novella” means a story. A novel usually contains more and more complex than a short story. Generally the content in the novel tells about the daily behavior of the characters. In Indonesia itself novels are called romance, the storyline on romance is usually more complex and the number of exhibitions of figures is more. Examples of novels that are quite popular are:

  • Verse – Verse of Love by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy
  • Second Palace by Asma Nadia
  • A Cup Terapucocino by Riawani Elyta and Rika Y. Sari


Encyclopedias are a type of book that contains an explanation of each branch of science structured alphabetically or in a brief and dense category. The word Encyclopedia comes from the Greek “Enkyklios Paideia” which means a complete circle or teaching. Sometimes encyclopedias are associated with dictionaries – encyclopedia dictionaries that early developed from dictionaries. But the two are different. The main difference that distinguishes the two is that a dictionary only gives the definition of each entry or lemma seen from a linguistic point of view or only provides synonyms. While an encyclopedia provides a more in-depth explanation of the word we are looking for. Examples of Encyclopedias are:

  • End-of-age Islamic Encyclopedia
  • Islamic Encyclopedia
  • Al-Kamil Islamic Encyclopedia
  • Encyclopedia of The Islamic Treasures of the World


Biography is a type of book or data about a person’s life, biography usually contains more details about life or death data as well as data on one’s work (a type of curriculum vitae). In addition to the biography sdapula authobiography is a biography written by his own character.

  • Book of Sirah Nabawiyah
  • Biography of the Caliphs of the Prophet
  • The book Bung Karno Sahabatku by Willem Oltmans
  • Andy A. Noya My Life Story


Tafsir is an explanation of the verses of the Qur’an to make it easier to understand. Many interpretations that develop among them are interpretations of dreams, namely interpretations that describe the meaning of dreams. As for the book that contains material about the interpretation called the book of interpretation. Examples of commentaries:

  • In addition, Tafsir Al-Azhar by Buya Hamka
  • Tafseer Al-Maraghi
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer

Above are some types of fiction and non-fiction books that are quite popular, well if you want to make a book you should read the references above first.

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